About us

What started as a DJ inspired t-shirt line in 2001, Mixerfriendly has evolved into a thought provoking music inspired poster line, dedicated to preserving the underground culture through art and design.

We believe that music is a powerful tool, that can articulate struggles in the world and give people the empowerment to make a difference.


Music is the heart of Mixerfriendly, and design is the vehicle that drives the message. We are a full service design agency that has over 15 years of experience with web development, print design, branding/identity, custom apparel and much more.
Our mission is to create effective, measurable new marketing solutions that authentically portray our clients’€™ brand personalities. Simply put, your success is our goal.

Let us know what you’d like us to do

We create effective websites that are clean and modern with a great user experience. Most importantly, our designs are focused on conversion, so your customers will find you easily.

Working with record labels, promoters and DJs for so many years, we have a deep understanding of what it takes to design the perfect promotional material that is tailor-made made to help make your event a success.